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Healing with Glutathione – Jonathon’s story

Written by Jonathon’s dad, shared on Autism Radio.

Our son Jonathon was born on April 16, 2003. A mid-wife helped my wife deliver with no drugs. His weight, height and scores were normal in every way and we were so proud!

When Jonathon started talking around a year old we could never have guessed that this would all end soon. His voice stopped when he was 2 ½ and our precious son was diagnosed with autism at three.

Early intervention started right away. He is gluten-free, as toxin-free as possible, eats very healthily and, still, he is severely delayed. After he was removed from ABA because he was too violent, he started at a Stanley Greenspan school where he has attended since. They help him with all basic skills because he is able to do very little for or by himself.

In April 2013, my son began to take a new supplement I had researched. I wanted to give this natural supplement a chance. Nothing we had tried to date had benefitted him very much, so my wife and I were understandably skeptical.

I’m excited to share that since trying this product, my son has become a different kid. In August, I received an encouraging call from his school; He spoke – for the first time – since 2005! His words are coming and his confidence is getting stronger every day.

In September – the first time ever – he went shopping with me. I let him drive the cart. He retrieved items on the list and even scanned them – all by himself! A year ago, this would NOT have happened! The acceleration is very noticeable.

October 4, 2013 I received this note from his teacher, “Jonathon has become more independent in his vocational skills. He needs only minimum assistance now!”

His two hour meltdowns now last less than 2 minutes. He is sleeping, eating, and going to the bathroom normally. He no longer bites himself and he’s learning to brush his teeth all by himself!

The ONLY thing we changed is this ONE supplement that has now changed our lives! The product is RobKellerMD® Original Glutathione Formula™ (OGF).

Order Rob Keller’s Original Glutathione Formula here.


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